Vast savannahs peppered with immense herds of wildlife. Snow-capped equatorial mountains. Traditional peoples who bring soul and colour to  the earth. Welcome to Kenya.

When you think of Africa it’s the lone acacia silhouetted on the savannah against a horizon stretching into eternity, it’s the snow-capped mountain almost on the equator and within sight of harsh deserts, it’s the lush, palm-fringed coastline of the Indian Ocean, it’s the Great Rift Valley that once threatened to tear the continent asunder, and it’s the dense forests reminiscent of the continent’s heart. In short, Kenya is a country of epic landforms that stir our deepest longings for this very special continent.

Filling the country's landscape, adding depth and resonance to Kenya’s age-old story, are some of Africa’s best-known peoples. The Maasai, the Samburu, the Turkana, the Swahili, the Kikuyu: these are the peoples whose histories and daily struggles tell the story of a country and of a  continent – the struggle to maintain traditions as the modern world crowds in, the daily fight for survival in some of the harshest environments on earth, the ancient tension between those who farm and those who roam. Drawing near to these cultures could just be a highlight of your visit.

Kenya  is the land of the Masai Mara, of wildebeest and zebras migrating in  their millions with the great predators of Africa following in their  wake, of endangered species like black rhinos managing to maintain their  precarious foothold. But Kenya is also home to the red elephants of  Tsavo, to Amboseli elephant families in the shadow of Mt Kilimanjaro and  to the massed millions of pink flamingos stepping daintily through lake  shallows. Africa is the last great wilderness where these creatures  survive. And Kenya is the perfect place to answer Africa’s call of the  wild.

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