• Steph Anderson

What should you pack for your Southern African Lodge Safari

For your game drives take loose, comfortable and light coloured clothing (not white) along with a sun hat, sunglasses and a high SPF sunscreen, even in winter the sun is Africa can be very strong. Sandals and a pair of closed walking shoes for the morning bush walk you may go on.

If you’re visiting during the African winter bring a scarf, gloves and a warm jacket as the early mornings and evenings can get chilly. A light sweater for the evenings during the summer.

General light weight clothing for relaxing during the day, and of course swimwear if you’re inclined to take a dip in the pool.

Don’t forget to pack your glasses, even if you usually wear contact lenses….you don’t want a lost lens to spoil your African safari experience.

With regard to equipment: Camera, GoPro and binoculars (if you have any) and don’t forget spare batteries and/or charger cables.

Finally, don’t forget to pack any medication, this includes your anti-malaria medication, if required.

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