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At a Glance

From ZAR 22 215 pp/pn

  • Big 5 safari

  • Romantic location

  • Children’s program

  • Spa, gym & creative lab facilities

  • Chalkley & Kingston Treehouses

  • Private plunge pool

Africa has been called the greatest show on earth, and Lion Sands presents a safari that plays out like a highlights reel. Lion Sands reserve conserves 5 000ha (12 500ac) of a habitat that is home to the highest and most diverse concentration of wildlife in the southern hemisphere. You will see all of Africa’s iconic species – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, hippo, and zebra – along with a supporting cast of no less intriguing 137 mammal species and over 450 varieties of bird. These safaris present an adventure that is wild, and then some!


The Treehouses at Lion Sands set you in the middle of big landscapes, globed by even bigger skies, their lights twinkling down to the horizon. Below, the stillness is punctuated by animals’ whistles, huffs, and growls… carried on the wind.


There are few such experiences left on earth that capture the romance of the untamed and and untainted. This is not simply a sleep out – this is an adventure with Africa, one-on-one.



Your private lounge, patio, deck and plunge pool invite easy relaxation, while a dedicated team of staff are around to take care or your every whim and fancy.


Here, everything is included – from your champagne of choice stocked in the mini bar, to your favourite shirt, washed and pressed – creating a highly-personalised experience of a safari, your way.



Wooden walkways lead off to a spa, gym and pool, and back to the main lodge, where the deck’s connected water features give the impression of floating on the river. Whether you enjoy your time together socially or quietly in the bar, restaurant, gallery or firepit lounge, the running theme here is luxury living.


The Mack & Madi kids’ programme surprises and delights young explorers – and keeps them out of mischief.



Being entirely private, Lion Sands offers you an intimate safari experience. With only six guests to a game viewer and exclusive traversing on our reserve, you’ll have minimal encounters with other people. Though compelling sightings do attract more attention, the number of vehicles here is also limited. This ensures the animals aren’t put under stress and you are able to spend more time with them, observing their natural behaviour.


While you are out exploring, you will by no means be roughing it. Your game viewer has cushioned bucket seats, waterproof device holders, blankets and ponchos – and stops off in a scenic spot for drinks and snacks.